INDIVY 3 and INBANK hire purchase


From the COMFY online store, you can quickly and conveniently purchase all goodswith indivy payment method. Applying for an Indivy payment method is as easy as card payments. If you have selected your new product but do not want to pay the entire purchase amount at once, you can pay in three equal instalments (INDIVY 3). The first payment won’t be until a month later. If you wish to pay within a longer period of time, you can apply for Inbank Hire Purchase for up to 4 years.

INDIVY 3 – pay in equal shares, at no extra cost!

Paying by installments is a convenient way to pay for products or services. If desired, we divide the purchase amount into three equal installments. The first payment only after a month.

Buying by installments is very easy and fast:

  • Installment period 3, months
  • Amount 75-1500 €
  • Deposit 0 €
  • Interest 0%
  • Contract fee 0 €
  • Management fee 0 €
  • Credit cost rate 0%

You will receive an answer to your request to pay in installments immediately.


Inbank Hire Purchase offers you a convenient opportunity to turn a large one-time expense into a small monthly expense. Take more time to pay and split the purchase amount over up to 4 years. The first payment is only a month after amonth and after. The answer to the hire purchase application will arrive immediately and the contract can be digitally signed using an ID-card, Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

Hire purchase terms and conditions:

  • The amount is 100-10 000 €
  • Deposit from 0 EUR
  • Period 3-48 months
  • Interest 10.9%
  • Contract fee 10 €
  • Contract management fee: €0.9/month (included in installments)

The annual percentage rate of Inbank hire purchase is 28.98% per annum on the following sample terms and conditions: the price of the contract item immediately upon payment (net price) 1000 EUR, the credit amount 1000 EUR, the contribution 0 EUR, the contract period for 12 months, the fixed interest rate per year is 10.9% calculated on the purchase amount, the contract fee is 10 EUR, the monthly management fee is 0.9 EUR. Monthly instalment EUR 93.42, total amount of credit and repayment amount EUR 1120.93. The financial service provider is AS Inbank Finance (Niine 11, Tallinn,, tel. +372 640 8080). Before concluding the contract, read the terms and conditions and consult if necessary.