TOM TAILOR corner sofa bed ‘NORDIC SHIFT CHIC’, adjustable seating depth

NORDIC SHIFT CHIC is TOM TAILOR’snew retro-style sofa bed with a practical laundry box and a comfortable adjustable seating depth. Additional stops can also be ordered upon request.

Available with all TOM TAILOR materials, which you can find here:
TOM TAILOR upholstered furniture material selection  

Corner sofa dimensions: 308x180x86cm (LxSxK)
Sleeping part size: 145x260cm (LxP)
Sitting depth: 57/82cm

  • Feet*
  • Would you like to order more stops?*
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Eeldatav tarne kuni 19. September 2023
Eeldatav tarne kuni 19. September 2023
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