TOM TAILOR corner sofa ‘CUSHION’, angle interchangeable, different colours


Sofa? Cushion? The pillow-shaped TOM TAILOR corner sofa ‘CUSHION’ is an element sofa, the angle of which can be changed and the armrests removed if desired. It is possible to buy either a standard corner sofa or combine a super-stylish pillow sofa with a suitable shape and size from different ‘CUSHION’ elements! Both elements of the corner sofa ‘CUSHION’ can also be used as standalone seating positions! NB! Decorative pillows are not included!

Corner sofa size: 243 x 168 x 78 cm (L x S x K)

Also available with all other TOM TAILOR materials, which you can find here:
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243 x 168 x 78 cm
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