W.SCHILLIG materials collection

The sofa is the center of our living space. After a long day we will find relaxation and rest here. It reflects our personality more than any other piece of furniture and its style defines our living space! The choice of sofa that is right for you is all the more important because every family and every home is different. Each sofa gets its first impression through its cover:

  • elegant,
  • modern,
  • extravagant or even
  • cozy and natural.

Due to the characteristic natural properties of the skin , your sofa is unique. The fabric and its individual structure give a touch of life. The W.SCHILLIG leather collection has many different types and colors, offering you a rich selection. There is also a wide selection of fabrics to match the latest color trends.

Here you can find the complete material collection of W.SCHILLG: including Longlife Xtra leather, Rohleder fabric collection as well as all other high-quality upholstery covers. .

The color swatches illustrated are examples only. Color deviation may vary due to different types of materials and individual monitor settings. Decorative, carved or double stitches may differ in fabric or leather versions. For manufacturing reasons, seams may be omitted or replaced with simple (model-based) seams.

All materials are also visible in our Tartu showroom.

R66 Longlife fabric fabric collection – structural fabric

S22 Longlife fabric fabric collection – structural fabric

S41 Longlife fabric collection – velvet fabric

V34 fabric collection – elegant chenille smooth fabric

V41 Longlife fabric fabric collection – velvet fabric

W60 Q2 fabric collection – elegant chenille smooth fabric

W61 Q2 fabric collection – elegant Jacquard plain fabric

Z59 Longlife Xtra leather collection

Z69 Longlife Xtra leather collection

Z73 Longlife Xtra leather collection

Z79 Longlife Xtra leather collection